I’m Brigitta Tollas a certified wedding ceremony master, groomswoman, event-wedding organiser

I believe that you have to be born for every profession, a paper or a certificate are not enough per se. I have to feel that what I’m doing is what makes me happy and I can feel alive by it. Giving happiness and joy is one of the biggest wonders in our life. Since a smile or a sparkling eyes can say more than any words. They can warm and interfuse our hearts. It’s a huge responsibility to trust a stranger, even if they are a wedding ceremony master or an event-wedding organiser and to let them into the most beautiful and memorable moments of the loving couple. I would like to serve you wholeheatedly and with all my knowledge, as I can give you nothing but myself.

My philosophy: I’m a positiv person. I have confidence in myself and I believe that the world is full of good and nice things. We have to appreciate the small pleasures of life, because nothing is more important than theese seemingly irrelevant things.

What does love mean?
Is it a pink cloud? Can we compare it to a cake, faith, hope, several butterflies in our stomach or affection? Is it a state or an existence? It’s no use looking for an answear. There isn’t a right definition for this. The words are not enough, it has to be felt.

Get in touch with me if you are ahead of a special event, as ceremony master, event-wedding planner can make your dream come true and make it memorable.

We can achieve your ideas together, in order to your Big Day would be blessed, intimate, and that it would last forever just as you dreamed.

“The high sky may collapse,
All that is intact may fall,
All that matters is that you love me,
All else is nothing For we’re destined to be together
Who are bound together by love.”
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