How much does a wedding cost?

After the heady days of proposal, have you all returned to the ordinary weekdays when you start calculating how much a wedding costs? Have you started planning the wedding? Then you must have been faced with all the tasks you had to do and of course the prices.

Of course, we can do some precalculations, but to tell you the truth the question of how much does a wedding cost is very complex. Since there are a lot of people and therefore a lot of couples with so many different weddings, it is almost impossible to give any exact answear to the previous question. It obviously depends on the number of people, the venue, the music, the photographer, the videomaker, the dresses, how much you want extrem decorations, fireworks, chocolate fountains, or even if you prefer minimalist style. So it can cost from a few hundred thousand forints till the sky would be the limit.

To make sure everything works and harmonises with everything and your dreams come true. I can help you not just as a ceremony master but as a wedding planner as well. You deserve to enjoy every moment of the preparation and the wedding without any problems because you will know there’s an expert who supports you.

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